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At Pickleball Trips we believe that more isn’t always merrier! Which is why we limit our participants to between 8 and 20 players, ensuring that you get individualized coaching and significant playing time with some of the top players in the game! Additionally, our hope is that smaller group sizes will result in deeper relationships and lifelong friendships with other trip members, even after you go home.


Our coaches are professional players and national champions who know what it takes to get to the top! Not only are they some of the top players in the game, but they also have extensive experience in teaching the game as well. This kind of coaching, on a semi private level, will prove invaluable, guaranteeing to challenge and sharpen your skill set regardless of your level or experience. But our pickleball isn’t the only professional thing about us! Our staff has also traveled the world and done countless hours of research to bring you the most exciting adventure possible. What could be better than combining the best pickleball with the best travel experience?


One of our core beliefs is that if you spend the time and money to travel overseas, you have to get a taste of the local culture and cuisine. Since we’ve developed relationships in all the countries we visit, our overseas trips always involve interactions with locals, both on and off the pickleball court. These experiences might include sharing meals together, hearing about their daily lives, learning to cook local food, and of course introducing them to the great game of pickleball!


We want our trips to be a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget! As adventure lovers who have traveled the globe, we specialize in creating lasting memories. Whether it’s coming face-to-face with snow monkeys in the mountains of Japan, crawling through war era tunnels in Vietnam, learning to cook authentic Thai food in Thailand, or going on four wheeler expeditions to stunning beaches and waterfalls in Mexico, our overseas trips always include access to the local spots you couldn’t find without someone who’s done it before!

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Cookie Drake – Japan 2017 Trip
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Corey R. – Redmond 2016 Trip
Corey R. – Redmond 2016 Trip If you love Pickleball and want to hone your Pickleball skills, increase your Pickleball savvy, and make new Pickleball friends under the mentorship of some highly skilled and fun ‘Pickleball-masters’, then I would highly recommend you sign up for this… Read More
Barb – Santa Cruz Clinic 2017
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