Journey Through Japan

Journey Through Japan

When: May 9th ~ 18th, 2019

Where: Tokyo, Nagano, Osaka, Kyoto, & more!



Join pickleball national champion Daniel Moore for a cultural exchange to one of the world’s oldest civilizations as we continue to promote pickleball in Japan! Savor the fresh sushi, explore ancient temples, and witness breathtaking natural landscapes, all while interacting with locals and teaching them about the game of pickleball. This will be a true insider experience as Daniel, who has lived in Japan for most of his lives, takes you to all his favorite spots!


Day 1 – Thu, May 9th | Arrival at Narita Int’l Airport (NRT)

Plan your trip to arrive in Tokyo on this day (this means you will need to leave the US on May 8th). We will be staying at a hotel near Narita Int’l Airport (NRT) this evening and will have our welcome dinner. There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel that takes about 20-25 minutes, please ask at an information desk about the shuttle times and departure platform. We will meet in the lobby of the hotel at 7:30 PM for a ‘Welcome to Japan’ dinner.

Day 2 – Fri, May 10th | Narita ~ Hachioji

After breakfast, we take the shuttle back to Narita Int’l Airport (NRT) and take a bus to Tokyo Station. From here, we spend the day sightseeing in Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine, Harajuku area and the famous Scramble Crossing. In the late afternoon, we ride the metro 45 minutes to Hachioji, where we have dinner with members of the Hachioji Pickleball Club.

Day 3 – Sat, May 11th | Pickleball in Hachioji 

Today is an all-day pickleball event with the Hachioji Pickleball Club. The morning is a private coaching session with Daniel. We will take a couple of hours for lunch to relax and rest before returning at 2:00 pm for play with the Hachioji Pickleball Club.

Day 4 – Sun, May 12th | Hachioji ~ Shibu Onsen

This morning we play again with other members of the Hachioji Pickleball Club. We shower at the gym before taking the train around 4 hours to Shibu Onsen, where we will be for the next 3 nights in a Japanese style Ryokan. In the evening, we have a kaiseki (banquet) style dinner in our traditional Japanese inn. A hot spring bath at the end of the day here is just the thing after a long day.

  • Hotel: Sakaeya Ryokan
  • Contact: +81 269-33-2531
  • Facilities: Japanese-style Accommodation*

*Note: Japanese style accommodation means sleeping on a comfortable futon mattress
laid on top of a tatami mat floor. All the rooms will have showers but this inn has hot
springs if you want to try soaking in them.

Day 5 – Mon, May 13th | Pickleball in Shibu Onsen

This morning we have our second private pickleball session with coaching from Daniel. After lunch at a traditional house serving Japanese food and craft beer, we walk to the world famous Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park. It’s about a 30-minute walk to the monkeys on a beautiful forest trail. The walk is not difficult but please bring good walking shoes. We go out to dinner at a local mom and pop restaurant this evening.

  • Hotel: Sakaeya Ryokan
  • Contact: +81 269-33-2531
  • Facilities: Japanese-style Accommodation*

Day 6 – Tue, May 14th | Pickleball in Shibu Onsen

This morning we have our second private pickleball session amongst ourselves, with instruction from Daniel. For lunch, we try our hand at making our own buckwheat soba noodles, before going to a hot spring with a fantastic view., You have some free time to walk around the 1300 year-old Onsen town of Shibu Onsen in the evening before we go out to dinner in another local sushi restaurant (other options available).

  • Hotel: Sakaeya Ryokan
  • Contact: +81 269-33-2531
  • Facilities: Japanese-style Accommodation*

Day 7 – Wed, May 15th | Shibu Onsen ~ Osaka

We take the train from Nagano to Osaka this morning, about a 5-hour journey in total. Dinner is hosted by Daikichi Coverall, an Osaka-based company leading the efforts to start pickleball in the city. Prepare your karaoke song of choice because having to sing is a distinct possibility.

  • Hotel: Hotel Nikko Osaka
  • Contact: +81 662-44-1111
  • Facilities: Western-Style Accommodation

Day 8 – | Thu, May 16th | Pickleball in Osaka

This morning we visit Osaka Castle, a huge monument and museum overlooking the center of the city. In the afternoon, we play pickleball with members from Kobe and Daikichi Coverall, the company starting pickleball in the city. You are free to explore Osaka for dinner tonight, or have some more familiar American food.

  • Hotel: Hotel Nikko Osaka
  • Contact: +81 662-44-1111
  • Facilities: Western-Style Accommodation

Day 9 – Fri, May 17th | Kyoto Tour

Today we will take a day trip to Kyoto, about 45 minutes away. Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan with many UNESCO World Heritage sites. We will see shrines, temples and Japanese gardens, as well as many other sights along the way. Please be prepared to walk a lot this day. After returning to Osaka, we have a Japanese savory pancake called okonomiyaki for our farewell dinner.

  • Hotel: Hotel Nikko Osaka
  • Contact: +81 662-44-1111
  • Facilities: Western-Style Accommodation

Day 10 – Sat, May 18th | Osaka ~ Narita Int’l Airport (NRT)

We take the final leg back to Tokyo and on to the airport. Please do not book your ticket earlier than 2:00 PM as the journey from Narita Int’l Airport (NRT) will take around 4 hours.

Tour Package


  • 9 nights of accommodation with complimentary breakfasts
  • All meals except 1 dinner and 2 lunches
  • All activities including tours, entrance & guide fees, pickleball clinics, transportation within Japan (excluding JR Rail Pass), etc.

Not Included

  • Airfare to/from Narita Int’l Airport (NRT)
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • JR Rail Pass

Cancellation Policy

  • 60 ~ 31 Days Prior to Arrival: 20% of the Total Costs
  • 30 ~ 4 Days Prior to Arrival: 50% of the Total Costs
  • 72 Hours or Less Prior to Arrival: 100% of the Total Costs

Please contact us at if you have any additional questions regarding our cancellation policy.

Travel Insurance

We strongly encourage all travelers to invest in travel insurance to both minimize your financial risks of traveling and provide you with peace of mind to fully enjoy the your trip. Travel insurance can provide many helpful resources including refunds or assistance for any of the following situations that may arise before or during a trip:

  • You need to cancel your participation on the tour
  • You need to cancel or change a flight
  • Lost baggage during the trip
  • Stolen items during the trip
  • Medical costs during the trip

We suggest you talk to your insurance provider to ask about the travel insurance plans available to you. You can also compare policies online. Here are two well-known travel insurance providers to consider:

Please contact us at connect@pickleballtrips.comif you have any additional questions regarding travel insurance.

Past Reviews

“This was our first trip to Japan, and our first (but not last) Pickleball Trip. It was one of our best vacations ever! Daniel is the perfect guide and tour leader- super nice, friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. He and our other instructor, Randy, are great teachers. In addition to arranging for us to play with enthusiastic and friendly Japanese players and teams, they gave us invaluable help with our individual games to improve our skills. And they were so much fun to travel with. Traveling by train was a great way to see Japan, and Daniel made it so easy for us; he handled all the arrangements smoothly-from navigating the train system, to taking us to interesting historical sites, to our food & hotels. The accommodations were more luxurious than we expected. The food was varied, copious & oishi (delicious). We also enjoyed getting to know and traveling with the other group members, who were adventurous and fun-loving. In conclusion, this was a uniformly wonderful travel experienceWe are already looking forward to our next vacation with Pickleball Trips next year.”

Laurie V – 2018 Autumn in Japan Participant

“. . . a marvelous adventure into Japanese culture through a variety of experiences—sumptuous Japanese cuisine, ancient temples, bustling trains and subways, traditional Japanese baths, even a romp in a Japanese dollar store! But the best part was making new Japanese pickle ball friends along the way. Daniel is a knowledgeable guide and a skilled pickle ball instructor.  I came home with a full heart and some great feedback to improve my game.  I highly recommend this trip to anyone who likes to get out of the tourist bubble and experience another culture in a more meaningful way.” 

Jeanne H – 2018 Autumn in Japan Participant

“My husband and I just got back from Pickleball Trips’ Autumn in Japan trip with Daniel Moore and guest pro Randy Coleman. It was a first-class experience from start to end including the food, accommodations, and activities. Daniel shared with us his favorite parts of Japan including gorgeous scenery, wildlife, and world heritage sites. We had clinics with Daniel & Randy and got to play Pickleball with Japanese players in three different cities. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys traveling and Pickleball. My husband wants all of our future vacations to be Pickleball Trips! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!!!”

Farrah O – 2018 Autumn in Japan Participant

“The 2018 Japan Pickleball Trip was fantastic! I would do it again. Let me explain some of the
highlights-and there a lot. First, the hotels and restaurants were great. Each day exceeded the
prior day and my expectations. Second, the trip mixed in small villages with large cities. Third, Daniel Moore is the consummate pro: as a guide; as an expert bus driver; a train navigator; and believe it or not, at Karaoke. The trip took us to World Heritage sites, the Snow Monkey Park, and a castle here and there. Fourth, the bullet trains (with the JR Pass) were easy to navigate (with Daniel’s help), comfortable, and fast. Great way to get around Japan. Fifth, the food was awesome; there were variations at every stop. Daniel took us to out of the way places to eat, and then eat again, and eat again. Sixth, we received Pickleball instruction throughout the trip and played with and against Japanese PB teams and players. This trip is a great way to see, experience and immerse yourself in Japanese culture and do it playing Pickleball. I rate this trip a 10 out of 10.”

Howard V – 2018 Autumn in Japan Participant