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Pickleball Trips Reviews

We went with the Pickleball Trips to St. Croix last week. The Moores are a wonderful family who put together amazing trips. The pickleball clinics were so informative. They really make sure you are taken care of and get opportunities to do fun activities off the courts as well. So glad I had this opportunity to meet the Moore family, learn about pickleball play, travel and meet new friends. It was an amazing week! 

Liz Douglas – St. Croix 2017

Spreading interest and love for pickleball is something Les and I enjoy doing. Traveling in Japan with Daniel allows us to do that. Daniel’s trip was well organized. It gave us the opportunity to meet people from another culture and do so with a guide who has made Japan his home. We were able to experience “real Japan” as well as see some tourist highlights. Daniel took great care of everyone on the trip. He makes the trip fun, exciting and comfortable for his entire group. We highly recommend this trip!

Cookie Drake – Japan 2017 Trip

I never thought I’d ever get a chance to go to Japan. But because I met Scott and I knew I was gonna be with good people who knew the language and we would get along… I enjoyed myself so much!

Maurice P. – Japan 2015 Trip

If you love Pickleball and want to hone your Pickleball skills, increase your Pickleball savvy, and make new Pickleball friends under the mentorship of some highly skilled and fun ‘Pickleball-masters’, then I would highly recommend you sign up for this Bootcamp the next time around!

Corey R. – Redmond 2016 Trip

It was so fun to learn new drills, games, etc. and to approach the game with more thinking and anticipation. It was so fun to play today with other folks who had taken the clinics . . . Cross court dinking warm-up really set the tone for me today. Thank you so much for your humor, professionalism, easy-going, relaxed teaching style.

Barb – Santa Cruz Clinic 2017