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About Pickleball Trips

Nao Nishimura

Asia Tour Host / Assistant Instructor

Nao, who is from the small coastal prefecture of Mie in western Japan, first encountered pickleball while working abroad at the University of Costa Rica. He was immediately hooked and took to the game quickly with his extensive tennis background. After winning their national tournament, Nao returned to Japan to spread his newfound love for the sport. This pickleball samurai is not only one of the top players in all of Japan but also a traveling instructor on behalf of both the Japan Pickleball Association (JPA) and the Japan-Hawaii Pickleball Association (JHPA).

When he is not working, you can find Nao traveling the world or devouring the latest literature at a local bookstore. Nao helped lead his first of 3 Western Japan tours in the spring of 2023 and looks forward to being part of additional

Pickleball Trips tours throughout Asia, including Western Japan, Interior Japan, Exotic Thailand, and more.