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Pickleball Trips FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Pickleball Trips

Is there a pickleball skill level requirement for your tours?

No, we welcome anyone from novice to advanced players.

I am a fit and active senior citizen. Can I join a tour?

Absolutely! A majority of our tours consist of players aged 60+ As long as you are physically active you can also find specific information about how active each trip is on tour pages.

Are your instructors certified?

Yes! All of our instructors are certified through either the IFP, IPTPA, PCI, PPR, or equivalent program. But since certifications aren’t what make great teachers, we personally train all our team members using our proven teaching methodology.

How many people will be on my tour?

As a small group tour company, we cap all of our trips at a maximum of 16 pickleball players. This allows us to spend quality time with each of our guests to help them improve their game.

How much pickleball will we be playing?

This varies based on each trip but on average we do 3-4 hours of pickleball playing a day. Then other activities like walking around towns, hikes, and other cultural/local events

Will there be other singles/solo travelers?

Yes! Most of our trips consist of around 60% couples and 40% singles, both male and female.

What are the accommodations like on tours?

Depends on the tour, but our standard accommodations are 4-star hotels. However, if you are organizing a private or custom tour, you can request either more luxurious or budget-friendly options with the understanding the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Will I have a chance to do laundry during my trip?

While each destination is different, there will be an opportunity to do laundry on most if not all of our trips. Check the FAQ sections on our tour pages for specifics!

Will I be picked up from the airport upon arrival?

Again, each of our trips is a little bit different so we recommend checking the FAQ sections on the individual tour pages. While we arrange airport pickups on some trips, we meet at the first hotel on others. If you are nervous about venturing out on your own, we will do our best to connect you with other travers or even a guide. But rest assured, we will always provide detailed, step-by-step instructions!

What should I pack?

Here’s a helpful little hint on packing: If you can’t lift it over your head, you might have overpacked! Small trinkets that represent your country or culture are always appreciated by locals as well.

Do you recommend arriving before the designated start date of a tour?

If you can! Not only is building in a little cushion in case of travel hiccups a good idea, but it’s also really nice to get a head start on jet lag. That being said, we understand not everyone has the flexibility or feels comfortable arriving early. We officially kick off the tour with dinner on the first evening.