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Pickleball Trips FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Pickleball Trips

Is there a pickleball skill level requirement for your tours?

No, we welcome anyone from novice to advanced players.

I am a fit and active senior citizen. Can I join a tour?

Absolutely! A majority of our tours consist of players aged 60+ As long as you are physically active you can also find specific information about how active each trip is on tour pages.

How many people will be on my tour?

As a small group tour company, we cap all of our trips at a maximum of 16 pickleball players. This allows us to spend quality time with each of our guests to help them improve their game.

How much pickleball will we be playing?

This varies based on each trip but on average we do 3-4 hours of pickleball playing a day. Then other activities like walking around towns, hikes, and other cultural/local events

Will there be other singles/solo travelers?

Yes! Most of our trips consist of around 60% couples and 40% singles, both male and female.

What are the accommodations like on tours?

Depends on the tour, but our standard accommodations are 4-star hotels. However, if you are organizing a private or custom tour, you can request either more luxurious or budget-friendly options with the understanding the price will be adjusted accordingly.