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About Pickleball Trips

Stephen Moore

Tour Host/ Instructor

Stephen is the last, but not least, of the four Moore siblings. In 2018, he joined the rest of the family in making the switch from competitive tennis to pickleball. However, old habits die hard and he does still sneak in the occasional game of tennis. When he isn’t too busy running his Colorado Springs based construction and remodeling business, Stephen enjoys activities including weightlifting, volleyball, golf, and kickboxing, as well as competing in the occasional 5.0+ pickleball tournament.

Although he has taught alongside members of his family for several years, Stephen officially became a PCI (Pickleball Coaching International) certified instructor in 2023. His first pupil, aka wife Victoria, who to her credit is surprisingly teachable, has taken to the game extraordinarily and he expects a rapid ascent.

Stephen is extremely excited to be working alongside his older brothers Jon and Daniel to continue curating unforgettable experiences on behalf of Pickleball Trips.