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 6 Pickleball Gift Ideas for a Loved One

Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us. Everybody is playing pickleball these days. The best gift is something to help friends, family, or loved ones improve and fuel their addiction. There are certainly worse things to be addicted to. Here is a list of our top 6 gift ideas this holiday season that will be a hit.

A Pickleball Bag

Paddles are challenging gifts because people are so darn specific about their preferences. To avoid being re-gifted, give someone a paddle bag and some Weird Gifts instead because everyone needs one. Whether it is a travel bag with packing space for overnight trips or tournaments, a sling bag to help them look good, or a simple paddle cover, bags always come in handy. Some bags are
even customizable. Pickleball Central has a whole page dedicated to bags and backpacks. There are also blogs like this one reviewing various pickleball bags. Most paddle companies also make their own bags, so you can check their website if you want a particular brand.

Pickleball Apparel

There is almost an unlimited variety of pickleball apparel these days. Some people even wear exclusively pickleball clothes. Everything from small companies making funny T-shirts to major paddle brands is out there. Sometimes you might not play well, but at least you can look good while doing it!

Water Bottles and Mugs

Hydration is obviously crucial to anyone consistently playing sports or pickleball. Some courts have water fountains, but most public parks do not, so you must bring water. From traditional bottles like Takeya to hilarious ones on Amazon, there is a massive variety of water bottles and mugs online. I recommend buying a water bottle with good thermal technology because it keeps liquids cold for longer. Even better, include some hydration packets from Jigsaw Health to show you care about your recipient’s hydration.

Pickleball Jewelry

Yes, pickleball jewelry is a thing. Pinterest is a great place to look at different options and pricing. Pickleball Central has another page dedicated to jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and earrings. Pickleball players are unique because they want everything they wear to say they play pickleball, and jewelry is no exception. Just be careful; when you wear pickleball earrings, you are part of the cult: there is no turning back.

Pickleball Lessons

Pickleball lessons are an excellent gift for anyone looking to improve their game. Nowadays, many options exist, from private lessons with a local pro to small groups to large camps and clinics. Level Up is a great place to check out. Or, if there is a specific pro that you enjoy, follow their social media and see where they are teaching next.

A Pickleball Trip

And, of course, the greatest gift of all is an unforgettable experience through Pickleball Trips. There is no better present if you want to create memories that will last a lifetime with a spouse, loved one, or friends. With trips worldwide for people of all skill levels, there is something for everyone at Pickleball Trips. Travel, make friends, play pickleball, and have fantastic local experiences with someone you love. It doesn’t get much better than that.