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Pickleball Trips provides world-class vacations to worldwide destinations. Joining one of our tours offers the opportunity to travel, meet like-minded pickleball travelers, interact with local players, receive quality instruction, and have unique cultural experiences. With site like Web Gacor, fans can now bet on any player or sports with a click of a button.

As you embark on your pickleball adventure with Pickleball Trips to explore global destinations and immerse yourself in the sport’s vibrant community, ensuring you have the right gear is essential for an enjoyable experience. Explore a range of high-quality pickleball gear available on The Pickled Palm website, crafted to elevate your playing experience while adding a stylish flair to your attire. From hats and visors to towels and accessories, these products not only offer functionality but also reflect the passion and spirit of pickleball.

Whether you’re mingling with fellow players during your travels or immersing yourself in unique cultural experiences, having the right gear ensures you’re ready to make the most of your pickleball journey.

Pickleball Trips has destinations worldwide, so each trip is unique, but here is what a typical days on tour might look like.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

We start the day with a high-quality buffet breakfast at the accommodation. A majority of hotels we stay at are 4-star or above, so you will wake up from a great night’s sleep, ready to go. Many of the breakfasts feature both continental and local cuisine, which means you can either stick to familiar breakfast foods or be a little more adventurous “When in Rome”, right? Coffee is a must for most of us so you can get your fix and be ready for a full day.

Pickleball Clinic or Recreational Play with Locals

Depending on the trip, we play pickleball either every day or every other day. Several sessions will always feature instruction from our carefully selected teaching pros. We guaranteed at least 2 instructors for every 8 players and we often pair one American pro with a local one. In addition to coaching, our local instructor can also provide a window into the culture we visit as well as serving as a translator when necessary. We practice various skills such as dinks, drops, volleys, resets, serves, and returns along with strategies to improve your game. There will also be time for what we refer to as “instructional play,” where you play with the coaches and receive instant feedback and tips on the your game.

On other days (sometimes even on the same day), we organize recreational games with local players. Recreational play is an open-play format where you make new friends, play a game, and will probably even have some time to chat afterwards. We love these interactions because pickleball is all about making connections. It’s the most social as well as fun game in the world, so traveling and playing pickleball is an opportunity to interact with people from other cultures while having something in common. Even when players don’t speak fluent English, pickleball is the common language we use to communicate. Some days, we even go out for a drink or a meal with the local players for additional interaction.

While we always provide quality instruction, some of our trips are geared more towards recreational players who want to play a few times while seeing the world. If you’re looking for a more pickleball-intensive option, be sure to select one of our trips with more hours set aside for clinics!

Cultural Experiences & Excursions

Cultural activities can be full-day excursions or quick afternoon outings. One example of an all-day adventure is when we go boating/snorkeling on our Blissful Belize tour, where we feed nurse sharks, snorkel in a marine reserve, and search for Manatees. For those who have a knack for boating, a service like the yacht charter st martin captivates those with a passion for boating by offering luxurious vessels equipped with top-tier amenities and experienced crews, promising unforgettable adventures amidst the breathtaking waters.



Another is feeding/washing elephants, swimming under a waterfall, rafting down a river, and visiting the Karen tribe on our Exotic Thailand tour. On our Western Japan tour, we hike around a sacred island and visit the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima.

Part-day excursions usually happen before or after one of our clinics or recreational play. Examples include an organic cooking class in the Thai countryside where we learn how to cook with local ingredients, visiting the snow monkeys in the mountains of Japan, or spending an evening at a classic paint horse ranch in Western Montana. These several-hour outings are a great way not to miss out on any pickleball while also enjoying all that the destination has to offer.

When you travel with us, you will get a unique glimpse into cultures from around the world. While we do love pickleball, our tours are designed to be so much more than just a camp or clinic!

Food, Food, Food

Food is an immensely important part of any culture. As such, we never say no to a local meal or unique culinary experience. During the day, we are busy with pickleball or excursions so lunch is often on the go. We might grab a quick bite, have a bento box in Japan, or visit an open market so you can choose what you like. For dinner, we dine at carefully curated restaurants offering delicious, local cuisine. At the same time, we are happy to cater to any allergies, intolerances, preferences, or dislikes, so you can enjoy every aspect of the tour. Most dinners are with our Pickleball Trips group, but we also include free evenings for you to explore with your travel companions. You can be brave and venture out on your own, share a romantic dinner with your partner, or have a relaxing evening and order room service. It’s all up to you!

Travel Days

On the first and last day of our tours, we keep the schedule wide open to allow for a wide range of travel plans. All you have to do is get yourself to/from the destination. You can even arrive early to help with jet lag or stay longer if you want to visit additional locations on your own. There are typically also a number of travel days during the tour when we move to a new location. We tend to not schedule too much on those days, but do try and sneak in a few games before long-distance travel whenever possible.


Travel the world, make new friends from other countries, and play pickleball – can there anything better?? If that sounds like fun, you are ready to join us for a Pickleball Trip. We can’t wait to see you “there”, wherever it might be!