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Here are 5 reasons to join us on a Pickleball Trip.

1. It’s Fun

Does traveling with fellow pickleball players, staying in gorgeous locations, sightseeing all over the world, and playing pickleball with international players sound like a great time to you? It did to us. In fact, that’s why we started Pickleball Trips. Traveling the world with a bunch of other pickleball players and doing what we love is a guaranteed blast. For the best pickleball vacation of your life, join us for a trip!

2. Feed your Addiction

If you want to see the world but can’t go a week without playing pickleball, Pickleball Trips is for you! We also have many people who mainly want to travel but prefer to stay active by playing pickleball on their holiday. Playing pickleball also justifies the amount of food we consume. Our trips are geared toward recreational play, while our camps are more intense, but we provide plenty of time for instruction on trips with our world-class coaches. Of course, we always have a few recreational times to play with local players too.

3. Visit Unusual Destinations

Don’t worry, we see some famous tourist spots to snap a few photos, but we usually try to show you more authentic, cultural places and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We like to show you locations that most tourists never see, especially on annual trips like Japan, Italy, Thailand, and Spain where we have great personal connections. These are the places that locals love and recommend, and they know what they’re talking about.

4. Meet Great People

By reaching out to local pickleball players, we provide a richer cultural experience and opportunities to meet people that most tour companies simply cannot offer. Getting to know trip participants from all over
North America is always fun too. Our trip participants talk about the people they met as some of the best memories they take away. Some even visit each other and find a partner – in pickleball or in romance!

5. No Hassle

One of the best things about traveling with Pickleball Trips is that you don’t have to plan any of it! Just book the flight, show up and have fun. Leave all of the details, organizing, and hassles to us. We are experts in the field and will do everything we can so you have the trip of a lifetime. That leaves you with more time to relax, play pickleball, and enjoy being in the moment.

Pickleball Trips was born to combine a one-of-a-kind travel experience with world-class pickleball instruction. Interested in traveling with us? Check out what trips we have planned here.